Below are the areas available for volunteering you can choose from

• Schools

• Hospitals

• Farms

• Administrative work

• Creative workshop ( Bamboo Bike workshop)

Below are the cost involved for volunteering with us. We strive to offer a cost effective volunteer program which  seeks to give individuals and groups  who wishes to impact other lives and requires a the platform to do so. 

We at Bright Generation Community Foundation are open to innovation and willing to share and learn, therefore any special skills one possess is highly welcome.  

Meg Webber: During my experience in Ghana, I learned so much about the culture and felt like I was part of an organization that was doing something important across multiple demographics.  I distributed shoes to the most impoverished areas of Western Ghana, went to girls' schools to help them understand the importance of saving money starting at a young age, and helped the organization raise money for future projects.  Bright Generation offers an opportunity to feel like you are actually making a difference through your volunteer experience every day.

Sarah Marble: I volunteering for Bright Generation Community Foundation the summer 2014 created the best summer of my life. I had the opportunity to learn about international business operations, gained marketing, and general multicultural communication skills. I typically spent three or four days in the office working to promote BGCF and communicate with other organizations about future projects. I was able to visit communities once or twice a week seeing what other NGOs were working on and participating in Tom's Shoes distributions. On the weekends, I was able to travel around the country, seeing the elephants in Mole to camping by the biggest waterfall in West Africa in the Volta Region. I loved working in Ghana because it's one of the safest countries in Sub-Saharan Africa and the people there are super friendly and always willing to help or have a conversation.

Elizabeth Anderson: I volunteered for Bright Generation Community Foundation in the summer of 2015. It was an amazing 2 months working with such a welcoming group who truly wanted you to experience all of Ghana and their culture. We were able to work with many of the different programs that Bright Generation hosts, such as the Sankofa Womens' Farmers Cooperative where we saw an amazing community of hard working powerful women who inspired me as well as TOMs shoe distributions and menstrual pad distributions, where the head of the NGO, Bernice educated dozens of girls with necessary information for all girls to know about their bodies and themselves. The entire summer was an eye opening experience, full of exploration and fun with amazing people, but also hard work that was rewarding. I left Ghana with a strong desire to go back and see all my Bright Generation friends

Cost Package -  

Inclusive - 

- A day or two stay in Accra with lodging and meals at a hotel.

- Airport pickup on arrival

- Transport, to and from Accra to Kumasi and to and from   Kumasi to Accra

- Breakfast, lunch  and dinner everyday

- Arrival orientation

- Pre departure information

- A safe for personal belongings

- Transportation to project site

- Boarding

- Utilities

- Letter of recommendation and or certificate of participation upon completion of internship or volunteer work.

Exclusive – 

- Medical insurance (including emergency evacuation when necessary)

- Visa to Ghana

- Required vaccinations

- Airline ticket

- Personal needs

To learn more about volunteer opportunities at BGCF, and to apply for specific positions, please visit our Omprakash profile: